NAFTA Renegotiation Deal

President Trump Love him or hate him is comming through on every promise he said he would do on our econonmy and the Democratic Socialist Party are having a heart attack. The Dems have no platform they have nothing. Oh Correction They have a platform, raise taxes, take guns and bring socialism to America.

White Belt Empowerment Seminar

I am excited about the seminar we will be doing on September 22nd in Irvine. Its our first level white belt empowerment from 10am to 2pm. You will learn allot in tghis seminar. Because Dan and I are committed in people being empowered and educated we are offering this for only $49.99 its a deal and you will not find anything better for this kind of seminar. I have been involved in this training for many years and I have paid twice that to get the information we are giving you. so check out my website and register and see you on September 22nd.

Banning Alex Jones- Infowars

Banning Alex Jones no matter how much he is irritating is a death blow to free speech and is a violation of the First amendement. I am disgusted by this. They are doing everything they can to control all of us. The Ultimate human potential Mindbodygurd belt system is a system that will empower and educate all of you.  Look at I am in the empowerment and education business. I believe in teaching others and giving them tools and knowledge to be able to maneuever in this matrix we are in.

Basic Human Rights

I am telling you all we have allot of people who really need empowerment and education. After what I went through last night I see the problem not as a difference in politics but a fundamental breakdown of basic human rights. We have people that are willing to sell out there freedom for a pipe dream made up fantasy that will just spiritually enslave them to this vicious cabal that is so present in this reality we are trapped in. When people start to realize they are sons and daughters of Heavenly father and that we are all The Ultimate Human Potential then you will see transformation. I know what Dan Dugo and I have works. I am in it to change the world in the last half of my life.

Frustration Equals Death

Frustration equals death spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. This is something I can talk about and i am well qualified in this assessment to explain this. When I was born I was born premature and My odds of surviving after birth were not high. I gave my family such a scare that they focused so much attention on me that they had forgotten about my sister. They didn’t make her feel like she was apart of my early life. That frustration she experienced caused allot of problems. My sister hs reminded me of those days cause I had forgotten much of it. This had come up when one day I was really not in a good state not to long ago. I felt that I had never amounted to anything. I was attacked spiritually so bad that I was in a very dark place. of frustration. My sister has a direct approch like I do she flat out said to me “its a god dam miracle that your still alive.” She also said that I have floored everyone with what i have acheived in my life. I was put back by this. She said you have just forgotten the road you have travelled. I have been on a rough and rugged road one beset with roughians who have demanded of me my spirit and I have been fighting along the way to keep those tokens that God has entrusted to my care. When i was about five years old I was diagosed with dyslexia and a severe learning disability. I didn’t talk till I was about seven years old. My parents were scared that they may had to put me in an institution. While i was battling for my life my mother was battling for her life being diagosed with Cancer when I was two years old. I don’t know she did it but I believe with how i get through it all I inherited it from my Mother that stubbornness of never surrendering and never laying down. Both my parents were stubborn, New Yorkers who were born in the Depression era. They were living the Law of attraction before they coined it that. My wife calls me a strange Duck. Her father told her he i your strange duck. I am fortunate to have a father in law that loves me and cares about me. My wife thinks I hung the moon. I work very hard to make sure I am always worthy of her love. With the odds against me in everything that I have ever done in my life I have experienced so much frustration. At times its been tough for me to move forward and also to have a positive attitude towqards people, places and things. I have had to work hard in self educating myself in many disciplines and modes of spirituality. I want all of you to know out there that I can truly help you and contribute some tools to you to help you all be the Ultimate Human Potential. The company Dan Dugo and i formed is an amazing concept based on our lives nd our experiences and training. Nobody is doing what we are offering. I know this cause i have studied as a student and a practitioner for a long time. anyone that truly knows me knows I study and love to learn. Check out Company website read our bios let us empower you.

Brain Bodyguard Empowerment System

Are you all tired of all the fake news thats being perpetrated by various news sources that you grew up with and then you discovered they are false propaganda machines, well look into our brain bodyguard belt system (TM) here at Ultimate Human Potential. Dan Dugo and I have developed a system that will not only empower you but will arm you with valuable tools. We have a seminar on September 22nd in Orange county on our first level White Belt Empowerment for a great special price of 39.00 cause Dan and i are committed that you are educated and empowered. Check out

Seminar on September 22nd

Seminar on September 22nd

Earn your white belt in Empowerment of yourself and others. With Ultimate Human Potentials’ Empowerment Belt System ™. When/Where- Sat Sept 22nd 10am-2pm, John Wayne Airport Orange County. What- Learn the principals of empowerment, how to activate untapped emotional power within you, and how to breakthrough emotions and thoughts hindering you from achieving your goals. This and much more is only one step away. Take that step now and click here to purchase your exclusive ticket!  go to


Wealth and Freedom

You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931