If I have learned anything from the last thirty years that is how indoctrinated the American people have become on many levels. The Saul Alinksky method of indoctrination has made its ugly mark on society forever. Our schools are infected. Our Government is in chaos. Half the people in this country are so blind and misguided. I see MSN, CNN and all the networks that have peddled their fake news and lies and I have seen people just fall for it. I have good friends who I care about dearly just become like sheep instead of like shepherds in their own lives. I have seen censorship come from places and from people i never thought in a million years would be capable of this kind of behavior. We live in an Orwellian society thats right out of the books I read as a kid. I see corruption all the way from my own city Government to the major Government entities. I have lived to see incompetence from Congress and its Representatives that if you had said twenty years ago these people would be in Congress they would off been tarred and feathered. No way the American people of the 1980’s would of tolerated this. Society has been in decline since 1960’s The mission of the radical left has been to disrupt and target and destroy the moral fabric of our republic and they have been bringing knives and now machine guns to the fight of destroying people. I see the people like Candace Owens, Dr Ben Carson and many others who have ben targeted and attacked. I see what they do to every Conservative fiqure out there. I see what they do to children who have Conservative values. People getting spat on at restaurants then being cheered on and even making money off of go fund me pages. Where is the civility and tolerance? This world is nothing short of pain and challenges. Everyone is in pain and everyone has challenges. No one gets out alive and I mean no one. There are some good things out there but again the cabal squashes it quickly. Why continue to keep fighting? For me it’s because it’s in my DNA to keep fighting. My father left a great legacy. Will i leave a good legacy at this point it will not be the one my dad left. I will never be as successful as my father was. I can still do some small stuff and people tell me I am amazing but now I understand my father when he use to say he never saw what others were saying to him telling him he was a legend. I get it now. Its the reason why guys like my dad were good at what they did. Its a big breakthrough. This life of ours is a big matrix and the trick is to not get caught up in it or caught up in the worldly enticements. I hope this has made some of you think about your life cause writing this has really made me look at myself.

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