Psychological Mind wars

I was born and raised jewish and I was Bar Mitzvah and later I discovered Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I went on a 17 year journey studied many cultures and esoteric schools of thought. In 2013 I became baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have received my endowments and got sealed to my wife in the temple. If My Jewish brothers and sisters would open their eyes and only see whats going on in front of them. I have been awoke since 1994 on the dangers of the Democratic party. To my practicing Jewish Brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith should not be voting Democrat if they’re voting Democrat they have lost their Heritage they have lost their faith they have lost their identity of their origin. History is paralleled right now I am seeing Nazi Germany in the democrats. Their policies and psyops is right out of Hitlers book called Mein Kampt I have read that book. I have studied Transformation and psychology courses like Landmark Education, Sterling Mens weekend and many more. I am a college graduate I have a Masters in Public Administration and a bachelors in science in Criminal Justice. I was raised in a politically charged environment my father was a FDR Democrat and so was my mother. People like my parents do not exist today in the Democratic party. My father was a WW2 veteran ans was my Uncle they were bad asses. My father lived for being of service for benefits and charities and did plenty for the USO. in the year 2000 my father came to me and told me what the future would be he said there would be poltical division beyond anything he has ever encountered in his life. He told me to get ready for the massive polarization that will occur. He told me we would see civil war like battle happen with modern technology. He said i would se such changes and evil in my life. He told me that they all rob from peter to pay paul. He said in the end they are all about themselves and the people are the ones that suffer. He also said to me be the change that you seek. Mans power to endure is exceeded by his ability to forget and he always say this too shall past. What I say here will anger many and i am not here to be popular I am here to inform and educate. I am willing to stand up for our republic and I am willing to defend the constitution. Our republic is being attacked from within by seditionist and traders that took an oath to uphold our laws and defend us. I know I am not alone and i have people who agree with me and see things the way i do they are patriots of all diversities and backgrounds who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I will never give up speaking out. my forefathers died so i could have that right and i will not dishonor them. God bless America I truly love her. Thats why I keep on fighting.

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