Psychological Mind wars

I was born and raised jewish and I was Bar Mitzvah and later I discovered Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I went on a 17 year journey studied many cultures and esoteric schools of thought. In 2013 I became baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have received my endowments and got sealed to my wife in the temple. If My Jewish brothers and sisters would open their eyes and only see whats going on in front of them. I have been awoke since 1994 on the dangers of the Democratic party. To my practicing Jewish Brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith should not be voting Democrat if they’re voting Democrat they have lost their Heritage they have lost their faith they have lost their identity of their origin. History is paralleled right now I am seeing Nazi Germany in the democrats. Their policies and psyops is right out of Hitlers book called Mein Kampt I have read that book. I have studied Transformation and psychology courses like Landmark Education, Sterling Mens weekend and many more. I am a college graduate I have a Masters in Public Administration and a bachelors in science in Criminal Justice. I was raised in a politically charged environment my father was a FDR Democrat and so was my mother. People like my parents do not exist today in the Democratic party. My father was a WW2 veteran ans was my Uncle they were bad asses. My father lived for being of service for benefits and charities and did plenty for the USO. in the year 2000 my father came to me and told me what the future would be he said there would be poltical division beyond anything he has ever encountered in his life. He told me to get ready for the massive polarization that will occur. He told me we would see civil war like battle happen with modern technology. He said i would se such changes and evil in my life. He told me that they all rob from peter to pay paul. He said in the end they are all about themselves and the people are the ones that suffer. He also said to me be the change that you seek. Mans power to endure is exceeded by his ability to forget and he always say this too shall past. What I say here will anger many and i am not here to be popular I am here to inform and educate. I am willing to stand up for our republic and I am willing to defend the constitution. Our republic is being attacked from within by seditionist and traders that took an oath to uphold our laws and defend us. I know I am not alone and i have people who agree with me and see things the way i do they are patriots of all diversities and backgrounds who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I will never give up speaking out. my forefathers died so i could have that right and i will not dishonor them. God bless America I truly love her. Thats why I keep on fighting.


If I have learned anything from the last thirty years that is how indoctrinated the American people have become on many levels. The Saul Alinksky method of indoctrination has made its ugly mark on society forever. Our schools are infected. Our Government is in chaos. Half the people in this country are so blind and misguided. I see MSN, CNN and all the networks that have peddled their fake news and lies and I have seen people just fall for it. I have good friends who I care about dearly just become like sheep instead of like shepherds in their own lives. I have seen censorship come from places and from people i never thought in a million years would be capable of this kind of behavior. We live in an Orwellian society thats right out of the books I read as a kid. I see corruption all the way from my own city Government to the major Government entities. I have lived to see incompetence from Congress and its Representatives that if you had said twenty years ago these people would be in Congress they would off been tarred and feathered. No way the American people of the 1980’s would of tolerated this. Society has been in decline since 1960’s The mission of the radical left has been to disrupt and target and destroy the moral fabric of our republic and they have been bringing knives and now machine guns to the fight of destroying people. I see the people like Candace Owens, Dr Ben Carson and many others who have ben targeted and attacked. I see what they do to every Conservative fiqure out there. I see what they do to children who have Conservative values. People getting spat on at restaurants then being cheered on and even making money off of go fund me pages. Where is the civility and tolerance? This world is nothing short of pain and challenges. Everyone is in pain and everyone has challenges. No one gets out alive and I mean no one. There are some good things out there but again the cabal squashes it quickly. Why continue to keep fighting? For me it’s because it’s in my DNA to keep fighting. My father left a great legacy. Will i leave a good legacy at this point it will not be the one my dad left. I will never be as successful as my father was. I can still do some small stuff and people tell me I am amazing but now I understand my father when he use to say he never saw what others were saying to him telling him he was a legend. I get it now. Its the reason why guys like my dad were good at what they did. Its a big breakthrough. This life of ours is a big matrix and the trick is to not get caught up in it or caught up in the worldly enticements. I hope this has made some of you think about your life cause writing this has really made me look at myself.

Conquer a nation from within

How to conquer a nation from within- Psyops training manual for tyrants, morons, fanatics and psychopaths.

Part A. (Applies to trying to conquering a free country like America, if the country is already enslaved like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China or Iran, skip to part B)

Step 1- Armed citizens will have the ability to protect themselves, their rights, property, family and neighbors. Find or manufacture excuses to ban firearms. Funnel money into groups that oppose that country or liberty in general, and request that they use the money to push for new legislation to ban firearms. If no valid reasons exist, use psychology for social engineering. Use the intent of peace, safety or love as your surface goal. If that is unsuccessful, find a few weak minded and easily manipulatable people, preferably of low to medium intelligence and high degree of passion to turn into shooters. Use brain washing and mind altering medications to create a few mass shooters to act out where you strategically tell them to. Make sure the shooters are programmed to forget about their programming, this way the public will see them as crazy or fanatical. The public will react to the shootings with fear, and you pretend to protect them by following up with calls for new legislation for gun control and full bans if possible. Repeat process for several years or decades. Many of them are dumb and will fall for this.

Step 2- Label patriots, protectors of liberty, authors of liberty and the founding fathers as terrorists, or pay scientists and psychiatrists to say that they are just crazy. Many people are dumb and will accept that.

Step 3- Create distractions and discord in all areas of that society. Manufacture excuses for division. You can use race, religion, politics, gender and other common topics to create distrust and friction. This will keep the subjects focused on those manufactured issues and not focusing on what you are doing to enslave or kill them. If they question it, call them racists, bigots, feminists, fascists, Nazi’s or chauvinists,

Step 4- There is a certain % of people in that country whom will notice your plan, and put the pieces of the puzzle together. They will then start warning others, with what we call the Paul Revere effect. Since many of the members of that society will be simple minded naïve thinkers, label the whistle blowers as crazy, negative thinkers, nuts or conspiracy theorists. Use your resources and connections in the news media and science community to further shun them. Pay attention and watch for the citizens who fall for it the easiest, use them as your allies and fund them. Eventually some of those allies will notice what you are doing and start to turn on you because they will realize they are also in your plan to be killed. When they notice, use step 4 on them. If needed, use your stupid connections in govt or society to intimidate or threaten them.

Step 5- Subvert their political and legal system. Find people from foreign countries who already hate that country or liberty. Brainwash and fund them to run for office or work for the system. Use topics from step 3 to brainwash them. It is important for the idiots, I mean subjects, to believe that they are fighting for a just cause or else they will see you pulling their strings.

Step 6- Find wealthy supporters. There are many countries and wealthy individuals whom inherently from their prior programming, will hate freedom and liberty or are just stupid or crazy. Have them fund your cause. Instigate crisis in poor countries and convince those people that the free country is the problem, not their primitive corrupt govt or social system. This will help with misdirection as to conceal you as the string puller, and harness support. Arrange a caravan of 1000’s of people (funded by the wealthy idiots) to infiltrate the country you wish to conquer. Use the humanitarian crisis you created as the reason for the caravan. If the group is successful in penetrating the defenses of your target country, you then will have 1000’s of mind controlled idiots waiting to do your bidding from inside the country. They will help support steps 2-5.

Step 7- Weaken the population of your target country by putting brain and body weakening chemicals in their food, water and medications. You can claim they are needed preservatives, colors, pesticides and to fight viruses or in vaccines. Hire corrupt scientists (paid for by your wealthy donor idiots) to claim the chemicals are either proven safe, or are even healthy for them. Fluoride in their water is a good start and has been used successfully by the Nazi’s and Stalin to weaken their population. Once your target country is in disarray, confusion and apathy from the chemicals and other attacks come in for the kill.

Step 8- kill 90% of that population in a military assault using their key enemies (whom don’t know that they are next). Once that population is reduced, there will be less people to stop you from conquering those you used to conquer them.

Step 9- Use the strategies above to repeat the process on other countries. If coaching is needed for any step of this process, we have a network of free coaches for you to choose from including Obama, Soros, and the Clintons and their donors/string pullers which we will discuss later.

Step 10- If the people of that country are too smart, catch onto your plan and resist, move on to a different country. Surprise is your only chance. If too many already know, you already lost. Most likely a secret plan to remove you and all your associates like a cancerous tumor from a body is already likely underway and will be executed successfully at a secret time. By the way this was Satire, yet interesting parallels don’t you think? -Author Unknown


Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty over the homeland. A Nationalist is a Patriot, which is why the word gives the Left the willies. I am a Patriot I Honor the Constitution and this Republic so I agree with President Trump I too am a Nationalist. We are in very tough times. The line in the sand has been drawn and I am taking a stand for this Nation Under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.

Illegal Immigration

This has been a problem in this nation as far back as I can remember. The Democratic socialist had it there way there would be triple the amount of illegals here cause thats how they recruit cause its easy to indoctrinate them. We need the wall we need tough policies that are fair and not screwed up like it has been. The immigration problem we have is from the failure of both political parties.

Little stats below i found from an article that nails it.

“Professors at Yale University have released a new study calculating there are between 16 million to 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S as much as three times more than most demographers figure. “

“The professors model looked at estimates of how many people came illegally and how many people likely left, and concluded there are a lot more people who arrived than the 11 million suggested by traditional estimates.”

Stephan Dinan reports in The Washington Times.

Mind Bodyguard

If you ever want to really understand The Democratic socialist party thats highjacked the Party of JFK read Rules for radicals and study Karl Marks. Also study Lennon their playbook is exactly what they use. They have most of the entire younger generations deceived and hypnotized to their agenda. Thats why Dan Dugo and i developed Mind bodyguard Belt system. Knowledge is power and knowing will help you maneuver through this matrix we are in.