Latter Days

We are in latter days the Adversary is in his final days on how much horror and deception he can wield and he is going full on gang busters. We are seeing things develope from Basic values, Right and wrong, Transgenderism and so many more issues. We are experiencing everything going upside down. Its only going to ramp up even faster. Don’t believe me look at whats happened since 1989 to now. This is not progress for the human condition its annihilation of Mankind. There are going to be hard decisions that have to be made are you with Heavenly Father or are you with the adversary? Thats a decision all of you are going to have to make. Remember you have agency so use it well….

Human Race

We are failing as a human race look whats around us now look at the role models we have look at the examples they are teaching our young people. We are not a nation of due process and laws we are on the same collision course as Rome was. Read the Rise and Fall of Roman empire. When will good people rise up and be the change that they seek? Thats what I was taught by my father. Would you say some of the problems we are experiencing is lack of Parents and role models? Celebrities are not role models…..

White Belt Empowerment Seminar

I am excited about the seminar we will be doing on September 22nd in Irvine. Its our first level white belt empowerment from 10am to 2pm. You will learn allot in tghis seminar. Because Dan and I are committed in people being empowered and educated we are offering this for only $49.99 its a deal and you will not find anything better for this kind of seminar. I have been involved in this training for many years and I have paid twice that to get the information we are giving you. so check out my website and register and see you on September 22nd.

Banning Alex Jones- Infowars

Banning Alex Jones no matter how much he is irritating is a death blow to free speech and is a violation of the First amendement. I am disgusted by this. They are doing everything they can to control all of us. The Ultimate human potential Mindbodygurd belt system is a system that will empower and educate all of you.  Look at I am in the empowerment and education business. I believe in teaching others and giving them tools and knowledge to be able to maneuever in this matrix we are in.

Basic Human Rights

I am telling you all we have allot of people who really need empowerment and education. After what I went through last night I see the problem not as a difference in politics but a fundamental breakdown of basic human rights. We have people that are willing to sell out there freedom for a pipe dream made up fantasy that will just spiritually enslave them to this vicious cabal that is so present in this reality we are trapped in. When people start to realize they are sons and daughters of Heavenly father and that we are all The Ultimate Human Potential then you will see transformation. I know what Dan Dugo and I have works. I am in it to change the world in the last half of my life.